Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chiyoda Corporation (Yokohama Japan) along with other associated group of companies that compose the Chiyoda Group. Chiyoda Group is one of the largest engineering and construction companies and has delivered various major projects worldwide such as Oil & Gas plants, Petrochemical plants, and Infrastructure facilities, etc., based on Corporate Philosophy “Energy and Environment in Harmony.”


CPh has continuously and successfully supported Chiyoda Group as a Global Engineering Center providing high quality and reliable engineering services since 1995. Concurrently, CPh has contributed to the local society through the engineering services for energy and infrastructure/ environment development of the Philippines.


A Grand Opportunity for the future ー 

Is our business vision. Obviously, this is business vision for Chiyoda Group. Accordingly, CPh is committed to being an ‘Innovative’ Engineering Company, shaping the future of energy and the global environment with passion and cutting-edge technology.


The Energy industry in recent years is demanding change. The drive towards environmental sustainability through low carbon emissions and material recycling including rapid changing life and work style to “new normal” as a post COVID-19 circumstance has been an inevitable challenge. Chiyoda Group however, grasps these trends as opportunities for further growth and in expanding our business portfolio and profits. In order to realize this, CPh is firmly committed to delivering satisfaction to our clients.


Our employees are our most valuable asset and safety is our top-most priority. CPh provides opportunity to our employees to grow professionally through diverse technical and management training. We are taking initiatives toward further improving our engineering expertise to be more competitive and to meet the requirements and expectations of clients.


We, CPh will always be ready to offer world-class services in all our projects, guided by our strong and firm corporate philosophy.




Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh), one of the major affiliates of Chiyoda Corporation (Yokohama, Japan), is a global engineering service contractor primarily engaged in detail design of various plants and facilities mostly gas processing and LNG plants. Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh) was formerly known as C&E Corporation, a joint venture company which merges the leading-edge engineering design know-how of Japan's world-renowned engineering company, CHIYODA CORPORATION and the industrial construction capabilities and fabrication expertise of Philippines' EEI CORPORATION.


CPh being member of Chiyoda Group adheres to the Code of Conduct of the Chiyoda Group which states, as follows:

All business activities are based on earning the trust and understanding of society and clients. To ensure that our business activities conform to social standards, we fully comply with all applicable domestic and international laws and regulations as well as our own rules, and conduct business activities in accordance with the following principles.


  1. To earn the trust of clients by constantly improving quality in order to supply useful facilities and services.
  2. To do business with transparency, free competition and fairness in order to earn the trust and understanding of society and clients concerning our corporate activities.
  3. To maintain strong lines of communication not only with shareholders and other stakeholders but also with society at large, and to disclose corporate information willingly and fairly.
  4. To recognize that helping to solve environmental issues is an essential part of our business activities as an engineering CPh, and to contribute to society while cooperating with governments and their agencies.
  5. To reject all contact with anti-social organizations and never offer these organizations any benefits.
  6. To handle personal information and client information with utmost care and attention and use intellectual property in an appropriate manner without infringing on the owner's intellectual property rights.
  7. To draw a line between official CPh activities and private activities, and never take any action that would be detrimental to the CPh.
  8. To respect the human rights of all people. Also, to respect the diversity, individuality and character of employees and endeavor to ensure employees' health and safety by providing a suitable working environment.
  9. Senior management shall recognize that implementing the spirit of this code is their responsibility, and shall make related parties aware of this code by setting an example through their leadership. Senior management shall also heed the voice of stakeholders, both internally and externally, and take initiatives to solve the issues violating the Code of Conduct and strive to establish an effective framework for implementing these principles.    


Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh) has established four (4) management systems and obtained the certification from TUV SUD PSB Philippines Inc. on the following standards:

1. Certified in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System since year 2018 but the initial ISO 9001 certification started in 2001
2. Certified in ISO/IEC 27001:2017 Information Security Management System since year 2015 but the initial ISO/IEC 27001 certification started in 2010
3. Certified in ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System since year 2018 but the initial ISO 14001 certification started in 2016
4. Certified in ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System in the year 2021 but had certification on the withdrawn OHSAS 18001 since year         2016

The certifications are indicative of our passion towards corporate growth and our contribution to sustainability efforts for global excellence to satisfy our customers, value the integrity of information, protection of our employees and environmental conservation.



Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh) has acquired certification as Ecozone IT Enterprise for Engineering Design and IT-Enabled EPC Services (Registration No. 09-96-IT) from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) on December 22, 2009.


We will be an international enterprise engaged in technical services providing competitive services of superior quality, extending meaningful employment and better quality of life to our employees, delivering reasonable returns to our investors and serving the welfare of the community.


To achieve these goals, we will conduct our business with utmost professionalism, commit ourselves to total quality with never-ending improvements in our services to satisfy our customers.


We will be a company to which each and every employee will be proud to belong.


We see a strong and solid engineering enterprise serving the technical services requirements of the global market, using cutting-edge technology, founded on the philosophy of excellence, integrity, technical competence, and professionalism.


We see a company respected internationally for the excellent quality of service in all its chosen fields of business since we value our reputation.

A member of

Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh), one of the major affiliates of Chiyoda Corporation (Yokohama, Japan), is a global engineering service contractor primarily engaged in detail design of various plants and facilities mostly gas processing and LNG plants.


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Building Two Ortigas Home Depot Complex

01 Doña Julia Vargas Ave. cor. Meralco Ave.,

Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City 1604


CPh employees, officers and the top management, including members of the board of directors progressively and consistently work towards attaining a culture of compliance by taking responsibility and commitment to freely embrace the spirit of the Chiyoda Group Code of Conduct through adherence and observance, among others, of the following: applicable laws, regulations, and standards on compliance with antitrust, data privacy, information security, health, safety & environment, anti-bribery & corruption, labor, and taxation and accounting; relevant employee trainings; innovation of best practices, and implementing policies and internal controls.


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