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Corporate Policies

Chiyoda Philippines Corporation, recognizes that all corporate and project activities must be performed in a responsible manner, leading to 'sustainable development' by balancing the advancement of society and contribute to the conservation of the global environment, while ensuring security treatment as top priority for the information assets offered by customers and business partners.


Chiyoda Philippines Corporation in alignment with the head office including entities in Chiyoda Group, our customers, concerned companies, governmental authorities and communities, endeavor to satisfy the requirements and needs of our customers and society by applying the following Safety, Quality, Environmental and Information Security (SQEI) policy. Chiyoda Philippines Corporation is committed to:

  1. Fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001 (QMS), ISO 14001 (EMS), ISO 45001 (OHS), and ISO 27001 (ISMS).
  2. Recognize that all personnel have a duty and responsibility to promote SQEI activities and enhance SQEI awareness, knowledge and competence through continual awareness and
  3. Provide products and services that meet the quality and information security requirements of customers and other stakeholders by utilizing Chiyoda Group's technology and engineering capabilities for customer facilities and
  4. Take effective control measures to mitigate/minimize the SQEI risks associated with quality, information security incident, environmental impact, occupational injuries and ill health associated with our operations and manage risks to 'As Low As Reasonably Practicable' (ALARP) by identifying every potential hazard and implementing proper
  5. Ensure implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of SQEI management systems through periodic review and analysis of our performance taking into consideration ideas consulted and collaborated with employees and the SQEI representatives of centers/departments as well as other interested parties
  6. Comply with relevant SQEI legislation and regulations and other requirements to which the Chiyoda Group subscribes.
  7. Ensure continuous improvement on organizational excellence and SQEI awareness through Risk assessments, Awareness, Training, Monitoring and development of Internal and External Customer Satisfaction and other Programs

This corporate policy aims to achieve CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

and maintain/raise the Chiyoda brand status.




All personnel regardless of their work location shall comply with the directives set forth in this policy.


Contact Information

For inquiries and concerns please write, call or visit:

Safety, Quality, Environment and Information Security (SQEI) Office

Chiyoda Philippines Corporation

6th Floor Ortigas Techno Point Building Two

Ortigas Home Depot Complex

01 Doña Julia Vargas Ave. cor. Meralco Ave.,

Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City 1604

Direct Line: (632) 8-689-6162

Trunk line: (632) 8-571-7580

Email Address:

Privacy Statement

Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh) is committed to protect and respect personal data privacy in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012, rules and regulations and other applicable laws.


This policy sets out how we may collect, process, file, share and retain personal data whether in standard manual, digital or computerized methods and systems that is in accordance with the general privacy principles, legitimate purposes, and as required by law.


Purpose and Use of Collected Personal Data

We may collect and process personal data in connection with our legitimate interests, business operations and obligations, recruitment, employment, government legal requirements, Chiyoda Group business requirements and operations, other contractual agreements and in pursuant to lawful purposes.


In providing your personal data, you agree and consent to our collecting, processing, using, sharing and disclosing such personal data for both legitimate and lawful purposes and under the terms and conditions of this policy and the Data Privacy Act. Personal data shall only be shared and disclosed to authorized personnel and recipients of such data.


Personal Data and Collection Method

Your personal information may be collected when you have given it to us by yourself manually or electronically, submitted your inquiries, requests, job application, communications and correspondences, as well as when you become our employee, client, partner, vendor, contractor or supplier among other legitimate purposes.


We may collect and maintain personal data that may consist of or relate to but not limited to the following:

  • Full Name, home address, email address phone number or any other information that would allow us to contact you;
  • Employment records, job title or designation, academic Records, photograph, etc.;
  • Gender, date of birth, age, civil status, nationality, etc.;
  • Signature, personal or character references
  • Other personal information considered as Sensitive Personal Information and other business, legal or personal concerns that you have provided to us.

Any additional personal information that you may provide through your communication with us in relation to your concerns or official business with CPh shall also be considered and treated as personal data.

We may also obtain your personal information from third parties and other sources which have obtained your prior consent for sharing and disclosure or when we are lawfully allowed to acquire such personal information.

We use manual, computerized and digitized methods and systems to store, maintain and process personal data.


Security of Your Personal Data

We ensure that the handling of your personal data adheres to established standards and implemented appropriate physical, technical and organizational security measures designed to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of personal data and protect them from natural and human dangers such as unauthorized access, disclosures, fraudulent misuse, unlawful processing/alteration, accidental loss or destruction.


Retention Period

We will retain your relevant personal data for as long as it is necessary for the performance of our contractual obligations, fulfillment of our business and legitimate purposes and in accordance with our policies on documents retention and disposal period. Otherwise, where a retention period is provided by law, we will dispose your personal data according to such period.


Rights of Data Subject

Subject to the conditions and exemptions provided under the law, rules or regulations, you are entitled to exercise your rights and we will consider your action and address the same in accordance with the law.


Changes to Privacy Policy      

CPh may periodically update its privacy policy to comply with changes in the data privacy laws, rules, regulatory requirements and for other legitimate purposes.


Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns regarding data privacy or your rights as data subjects, you may call, write or visit:

CPh Data Protection Officer

Chiyoda Philippines Corporation

6th Floor Ortigas Techno Point Building Two

Ortigas Home Depot Complex

01 Doña Julia Vargas Ave. cor. Meralco Ave.,

Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City 1604

Direct line: (632) 689-6191

Trunk line: (632) 571-7580

Email Address:

Employee Development
Corporate Social Responsibilities

A member of

Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh), one of the major affiliates of Chiyoda Corporation (Yokohama, Japan), is a global engineering service contractor primarily engaged in detail design of various plants and facilities mostly gas processing and LNG plants.


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  (632) 8-571-7580
  OTP2: 2nd and 6th Flr. Ortigas Technopoint
Building Two Ortigas Home Depot Complex

01 Doña Julia Vargas Ave. cor. Meralco Ave.,

Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City 1604


CPh employees, officers and the top management, including members of the board of directors progressively and consistently work towards attaining a culture of compliance by taking responsibility and commitment to freely embrace the spirit of the Chiyoda Group Code of Conduct through adherence and observance, among others, of the following: applicable laws, regulations, and standards on compliance with antitrust, data privacy, information security, health, safety & environment, anti-bribery & corruption, labor, and taxation and accounting; relevant employee trainings; innovation of best practices, and implementing policies and internal controls.


Privacy Policy